Pipe & Pipe Fittings, Tubes, Non Slam Check Valves, Safety Valves (FLGD), Safety Valves (SCRD), Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Non Return Valvesss, Strainers, Needle Valves.

Floline Corporation, promoted by a young entrepreneur over more than 2 decade ago is a trusted name in valve, Flanges & Fittings. We are serving the Process Industry in the country with a wide range of Quality assured products and services. Apart from standard designs we can also take up custom built products subject to Economical & Technical viability.

Apart from stringent in home stage inspection by qualified Engineers we can also offer IIIrd party inspection or clients Inspection for other products.

A wide range of standard valves, flanges & fittings are offered for Ex-stock to meet urgent requirements.

Excellent work & proven design features are the very basis of the valves. standard valves are with cast end pieces, bodies & bonnets. However on request valves are manufactured from rolled or forged bar stock materials as well.
Casting material conforms to relevant ASTM material specification. Casting are of highest quality, well proportioned and defect free with heat mark. Wall thickness are of very liberal nature confirming to ANSI B 16:34 Material Test and heat treatment certificated are furnished to the client.
On request high pressure valve or tailor made valves are machined from Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel higher, Alloy materials bar stocks.
Cast, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Cast Alloy, Nickel, Monel, Hast alloy B & C or any other material as per the clients request.
Any of the following end connections are provided as may be suitable for the clients requirement.
Flanged end


 to ANSI B 16.5 RF with serrated finish


 to DIN standard 2532, 2533


to British standard BS.10 Table D,E,F
Butt-weld ends


to ANSI B 16.25, B 16.9
Socket weld ends


to ANSI B 16.11
Screwed ends - to ANSI B 16.11 BSP, BSPT or NPT
Face to Face dimensions to ANSI B 16.10, BS 2080

ASA 150 # 300 # 800 
DIN - PN - 10,16,25,40


Flanged end :  15 mm to 600 mm
Screwed end : 15 mm to 50 mm
Welded end :   15 mm to 50 mm


We manufactured under any third party inspection or clients own inspection to their satisfaction.


Each valve is hydrostatically tested as per ANSI B 16, 34, BS, DIN or Equivalent codes as per the ratings, Pneumatic test is also offered.


While installing valve on a dirty contaminated systems install a strainer on upstream side to minimize maintenance. 
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